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Are you considering buying freehold land in Fiji or do you already own land in Fiji and would like to build your dream home? Be it an architecturally designed vacation home or your beachfront hideaway in paradise, Pacific Property Solutions can help you turn your dream into a reality.

PPS are fully aware that undertaking a building project in a remote location such as Fiji can be a daunting task. You will not only be making an investment in financial terms but also an investment in time and emotion. With us by your side we will ensure that you make the right decisions from the outset so that you realise the home you desire within your budget.

new homes can be cost effective with a kitset build

The cost of building a house in Fiji is on the rise. Therefore, certainty in the cost of building your dream home is increasingly important. When we considered the problems of building a quality home in Fiji we realised that kit or prefabricated homes is a great solution. Although Timber kit homes are not a new concept in Fiji the advantages of prefabricating building components is often lost through poor working practices on-site.

Homes That Are Strong and Durable

Taking all of these factors into account Pacific Property Solutions has partnered with 2 kit set companies based in New Zealand; Fraemohs Homes and TRENZ Homes. Both companies offer their own unique and versatile range of kit homes that are perfect for Fiji conditions and lifestyle.

Fraemohs have been building kit homes for over 50 years. The beauty of the Fraemohs designs is their simplicity in assembly that is based on a Scandinavian technique of interlocking timbers. This removes a lot of the technical skill requirements associated with traditional builds.

TRENZ have been building kit homes since 2005 their range can be built using either timber or steel framing so you choose which system you prefer at the heart of your build. TRENZ have an extensive choice of Pacific designs including a very popular Container Home range. You really will be spoiled for choice!

All of these homes are very strong and durable. They have withstood the extremes that New Zealand’s climate throws at them including earthquakes and cyclonic winds.

We understand that every project is unique and has its own challenges. Therefore, more emphasis must be given to the design and planning stages of a project before anything happens on-site. This is where we can help. We partner with you through a design review process that will develop your home concept into a quality kit home design that best suits your building site while staying within your budget

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Whats Included

All homes come with fully fitted kitchen and bathroom/s and a full set of working drawings.
Prices include freight, landed fees, levies and taxes and construction on Viti Levu

Price Does Not Include:

Inter-island transport, electrical and plumbing, local council fees, professional fees, PPS consultation or project management fees.

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