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Time has moved so quickly this year we’ve hardly had time to take a breath. It’s been a very busy time for the team at PPS as we completed our first kit home project in Pacific Harbour and we are in the final planning stages of our first TRENZ kit home on the garden island, Taveuni. As well as the added logistics for delivery of the kit to Taveuni this build project brings another set of unique challenges for us. This house is to be built on an elevated site with magnificent views over Somosomo Strait, and will have a steel frame at its core. It will consist of 2 separate units joined by decking with car space underneath. As we move into cyclone season our client is working diligently with us whilst we organise site preparation and design the foundation system. Once the weather dangers pass, we will be in a great position to bring the kit over from New Zealand and start building.
The design is based on the TRENZ SPB 3138 that the client customised for her unique requirements.

custom designed kit home
one of the concept drawings showing external view of house and elevated pole foundations

Other projects are in the pipeline in Sigatoka and areas close to Nadi, plus we’ve had lots of genuine interest for the Fraemohs solid timber range in our home base of Savusavu – watch this space!


Those who have been following this exciting project on our fb page or through our email newsletters will have seen the completed house. For those who missed those postings here’s some photographs that really highlight the quality of the finished home, and the modern interior fit-out which came as part of this particular kit.

completed kit house
completed kit build 2
completed kit build kitchen
completed kit house bathroom area
official website
official website


As a construction consultancy business PPS not only advises on kit home options, but endeavours to introduce new technologies and ideas to Fiji which will streamline the process, keep cost to a minimum and take the home building industry to a new and higher level of quality and stability. We are doing this by seeking out like-minded industry leaders who are constantly challenging the norms and partnering with them to include their innovations in our kit home projects. One such example is the work we are doing with Pacific Footings who design and produce a steel footings foundation system as an alternative to the mass concrete footing and timber pole method. The system makes for a much stronger holding that can be used on any terrain, but more importantly is quick to erect meaning that superior foundations for your house can be laid in days rather than weeks – saving not only time but money that you can put towards your new kitchen or swimming pool!
Add to that the work we do with PACau Fiji Limited for highly recommended geotechnical surveying of your land prior to any building and your new home will be literally “safe as houses”.

steel footings 1
Steel footing example on completed house
steel footings 2
Raised steel footings and foundations system
ground drilling
Drilling for Geotech survey

Another such partnership is with Architectural Joinery and Glass. This new company has taken over an existing glazing business in Nadi and is bringing New Zealand’s VANTAGE® range of window and door systems that will keep your new home looking stylish with the added advantage of safety features such as cyclone strength glass meaning you can do away with those cyclone shutters! Also a full range of superior quality louver systems complete with insect screens and an array of safety glass shower doors, screens and mirrors will be available and definitely on your wish list when you see them for yourself.

glass hinged sliding door
Strong and beautiful full height solid glass doors
louver windows
Full length louvers for maximum view and ventilation

Import Duty Concessions and tax rebates.

There’s never been a better time to consider a PPS Kit Home!
cost of a build

There is still some confusion out there about the import duty rate on kit homes being imported into Fiji.

PPS can categorically state that the import duty concession of only 3% on all kit homes is currently in place for private residential purposes so new kit home purchasers will enjoy this benefit.

Normal fiscal duty rate is 32% so this is a massive saving and makes now a great time to consider one of our homes.

The Fiji Government is also offering other incentives for Fijian citizens building their first home.
Did you know that tax rebates are now available on completion of the home build if it is your first home? Check out FRCS’s website to find out how. www.frcs.org.fj

There has never been a better time to consider a beautiful kit home from the team at PPS. From Conception to Completion – we’re with you all the way.

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