Fraemohs Kitsets Now Available Here

Pacific Property Solutions recognises that kit homes are a great idea for Fiji home builders. Fraemohs Homes in New Zealand could be the perfect solution. This is because Fraemohs design easy build homes thanks to an interlocking wall system, which alleviates much of the construction expertise required with other forms of kit home. In fact someone with a good degree of carpentry or DIY skills could put an easy build kit home together themselves.

Beautiful Easy to Build Homes

PPS visited Fraemohs Homes in New Zealand in 2016 and were able to see for themselves how these houses are made and put together. They met with the Fraemohs team and were impressed with the vision of the designers, quality of workmanship and dedication to building practical and beautiful easy to build homes.

As a result of that visit PPS and Fraemohs Homes have come together to bring this clever technique and design to Fiji. Once you’ve decided a kit home is right for you, you should consider a Fraemohs kit home.

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Amazing Features That Make You Want to Own a Fraemohs Kit Home

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You can buy a lockable shell if that’s all you need, or a lovely home complete with fully fitted kitchen and appliances, modern bathroom, fitted wardrobes and storage space. It’s up to you

Did You Know...

Fraemohs Homes have been building solid timber interlocking Kit Homes in New Zealand for over 50 years. Fraemohs is experienced in supplying houses within the Pacific region including a private residence in Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu.

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Contact PPS to find out more about Fraemohs Homes and how their designs can work for you