KITSET HOMES - The Kit Home Process

Step 1

Your chosen design and specification will be sent to Freamohs to develop design drawings and detailed pricing for your approval and sign off. .

Step 2

You will then enter into a supply agreement with Fraemohs to prefabricate the components for your new kit home.

Step 3

Once your kitset is complete Fraemohs will ship the components to Fiji by the agreed date, sailing weather permitting.

Step 4

Pacific Property Solutions will keep you informed every step of the way and will be your local contact on all matters.

Available Fiji wide

Custom Design Service

The traditional building process usually sees designers and constructors operating in isolation to one another which offers no advantages to the client. Every building project is unique and should be treated as such. PPS in conjunction with Freamohs will partner with you to customise any of their kit home designs that meet your perspective.

1. Client Consultation

PPS will undertake a client consultation and may visit your site to assess site specific conditions depending on location and availability

2. Design Review

A design review exercise will be undertaken so that the modifications stay within budget while still meeting expectations. At the same time a architectural specification will be written up.

3. Preliminary Design

The preliminary design and specification are then sent to Fraemohs to be developed into a detailed design. The build cost will be confirmed for your approval.

4. Building Contract

After confirmation of the build cost you will enter into a building contract for the prefabrication of the design. The modular components will be containerised and shipped to Fiji to suit your timeframe. You can then turn your attention to getting your site ready.

Construction Management Services

co workers on a construction pre build

Your kit home components will arrive with everything you need to start construction. Your site may be fully prepared for the build and you’re chosen Fiji construction company ready to start, you may even be considering building the house yourself.

For those of you who would like to take advantage of our construction management expertise and local knowledge we can offer consultation and project management on the following: