kit homes now available on Fiji

The Problem

Building your dream home or perfect holiday hideaway in a remote Pacific location is a wonderful idea but one that can be fraught with problems and challenges. Sometimes the design does not suit the environment or there aren’t enough skilled workers to produce the standard of finish you expect. Materials are often of poor quality and in short supply, which also compromises the quality of your new house and can cause unnecessary delays and upset.

The Solution

Pacific Property Solutions have been looking at alternative building methods to those currently being used and found kit homes or pre fabricated homes to be an ideal solution.

Why Kit Homes in Fiji?

The best way to save money on a building project is to save time. Building a kit home in Fiji will result in a faster construction process which allows parallel work streams. For example, while your new home is being prefabricated in the factory your site-based foundations will be built at the same time.

Ten Points That Will Make You Think Again About Kit Homes

Components are produced in a dry, controlled environment

 Building materials are carefully chosen for quality, durability and strength

 They come in a variety of designs and sizes

 Designs can be modified to suit your style and environment

 They can be built by Fiji construction companies


  They can be built quickly and without waste.

  No waste means eco friendly and kinder on the environment

  They are cost effective and affordable

  They will hold their good looks for many years to come

  They are easy to transport to site almost anywhere in the world

Did You Know...."The Fiji government has reduced the import duty on kitset homes to only 3% which makes them even more affordable?"
"And if you are a Fijian citizen and this is your first home you can request a tax rebate when the house is finished."

The No1 Viable Option

Kitset design and build has helped to overcome some of the problems faced by those building in heavy terrain or in remote places where a trip to the local hardware store should you run out materials just isn’t possible. So if you’re buying freehold land in Fiji in an isolated location, or are considering building on a piece of land that has difficult access then this is a good alternative for you and definitely worth consideration.

These homes go a long way to alleviating some of the stress associated with building a house in Fiji by giving you the quality of building materials you need for a strong and good-looking house at a price you can afford within a reasonable time frame.

Gareth and Julie at PPS are the best people to talk to about your options with regard to this form of construction. They are originally from New Zealand where kitset, or pre-fabricated homes have been in production for many years. Research shows, surprisingly, that very few houses are built this way in Fiji despite all the benefits. Now, with the Government’s on-going investment in infrastructure and low import duties this type of house is a more viable option than ever before.

kit house model option fiji

Talk to PPS today about the possibility of a kit home in Fiji and how it can suit your environment and needs, then sleep easy while your dream home is being realised.