Land Transfer Act Fiji

Applies to all foreign and non-resident landowners who purchase land in Fiji now or in the foreseeable future.

The Land Sales (Amendment) Act 2014 has caused a lot of concern and confusion since it was introduced by the government in December 2014. The change in Fiji land ownership laws came without warning and places a requirement on all foreign (or non - resident) owners of vacant residential land in Fiji to build within 2 years of ownership and to a minimum of FJ$250,000.

Those who don’t abide could face penalties of 10% of the value of the land, or fines up to FJ$100,000. This rule applies to current foreign landowners and any non-resident wishing to buying freehold land in Fiji now or in the foreseeable future.

This in itself has proven confusing as the term non-resident relates to anyone who is not a Fijian citizen.

Who is a non-resident?

So, even if you have applied for and been accepted as a resident of Fiji and have a resident visa you are not exempt from the new Fiji land sales act when it comes to buy or owning freehold land.

Does This Effect You?

If you were planning on building anyway and already have plans drawn up and a Fiji construction company in place then this probably won’t affect you. However, there are many people who have bought residential freehold land in Fiji, some, large acreages on separate titles, who have not yet built, or were hoping to sell the land before actually putting any sort of dwelling on it and it is these people who are experiencing the most anxiety.

Some of those affected have already sold their slice of paradise and moved on whilst others are sitting tight to see what will happen next or are making arrangements to build something as quickly as they can.

If you are thinking of buying freehold land in Fiji then you may benefit from the many “bargains” out there as a result. However, before you do, make sure you familiarize yourself with the Land Transfer Act and the things you absolutely need to know about buying land in Fiji and how it might affect you as a non-resident (or foreigner).

In a Nutshell

Here are some quick pointers to help you make sense of it all
Five Facts about Land Sales Act 2014

If you are still unsure about how the new rules relating to the Land Transfer Act might affect you then check with a licensed real estate agent and/or reputable legal entity operating in Fiji before committing.

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PPS carried out extensive research and believes the above information to be true at the time of writing. However, rules and regulations can change quickly and we strongly recommend anyone purchasing freehold land in Fiji use a licensed and ethical real estate or land agent, and receive necessary guidance from a recognised legal entity.