When is the Best Time to Plan For Your New Home?

There's never been a better time to plan for your new home than now. We're coming to the end of the year and with Christmas holidays around the corner you have that all important family time to think about how you live now and how you want to live in the future. What will your family look like and what kind of lifestyle do you really want to have?

Are you building a holiday or rental home? In which case functionality may take precedence over beauty.

These are vital questions to think about when planning for your new home.

You may already have land and want to wait until after cyclone season before you start to build. This is a very wise move and one we endorse! However, there is much more to consider and new processes to follow these days, so ensuring all your planning is done and permits are in place before materials arrive means a smoother build, faster finish and cost efficient savings all round.


Containers arrive loaded with kit home components ready for assembly.

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Plan Early

Planning early means you will be ready to hit the green light immediately your kit arrives. Groundworks can be completed and foundations laid in anticipation and you'll be amazed how quickly your house goes up compared to a traditional build.


These 2 houses were started at the same time.
The 1st one is a traditional build, the 2nd one is a PPS kit home.

traditional built house
kit home built house


How Long Does it Take?

We often get asked how long it takes to get one of our kit homes to site. The answer is variable depending on whether you choose a local steel frame kit home from Methomes based in Lautoka, or a Freamohs timber home which arrives by sea freight from New Zealand.

Both companies require around 6 weeks notice to manufacture and organise all components that make up the kit. Add about 3 weeks for freight and customs clearance if ordering a Fraemohs kit home.

It is very important to remember that there are designs to be agreed upon, interior fit out choices to be made, exterior cladding choices to review and colour schemes for roofing and facings to consider. Once all of that is confirmed concept plans and full working drawings need to be produced for your council and engineering approval and foundation systems will have been agreed.


PPS is a Construction Consultancy company specialising in kit homes, which means we are here to help you through the early planning procedures. We can answer questions for you relating to size and positioning of your house for maximum views and minimum weather disruption. We have access to the latest building products and materials that aren't yet available in Fiji and we have the business partnerships to take you through every step of the process including geotechnical surveys and advanced foundation systems for those trickier sites.

Start the discussion today, talk to us tomorrow, and be ready to build once cyclone season has past!

All of our kit homes are engineered up to Cat 5 cyclone certification and come with a full set of working drawings to satisfy your local council requirements.

We can organise geotechnical surveys for just about anywhere in Fiji as well as a host of other consultation services to get your new kit home project off the ground – literally!

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