It's all in the Planning

It's been a hectic year so far for the team at PPS as we have fielded enquiries for our kit homes from all over Fiji even as far as Rotuma Island where our kit homes are a perfect solution to building a new family home in such a remote location. The word is definitely out about the quality, speed, design and engineering of these lovely kit homes

As we always say, the first part of the year is the best time to plan for your new home so that when the rain stops and the cyclone season is over you’re ready to go. There is a lot more to planning than some people imagine when it comes to a new home, and not just the cool stuff like house design and kitchen accessories, but all the requirements from your local council. Most councils can now provide you with a list of what is required in order to obtain a build permit starting with a site plan and full set of working drawings of what you want to build. They will also want to see the title for the land and specification of works. Whilst it is not compulsory council officers highly recommend getting a geotechnical survey done. We are 100% behind this recommendation and have highlighted the benefits in previous newsletters. To date, we have arranged seven geotechnical surveys giving our clients peace of mind before they build and in one case actually saved the client a significant amount money when test results indicated that a retaining wall would not be required as originally thought. A small investment in time and money in the early stages of planning will most definitely pay off down the line.

soil collection
soil collection samples
geo-tech survey
geo-tech survey


One client who has been working diligently with us over the last few months recently confirmed a cute two bedroom beach house for their land in Momi Bay, Viti Levu. The house will be their holiday home and a place to chill after a hard day’s surfing. They want the house elevated to 2.4 mtrs high and are building on land that has previously been excavated so took our advice and got a geotechnical survey done first. As a result of the findings we have been able to provide an alternative foundation footing system that will save and time and money and is very effective for the hard soil type the house is being built on. As for the house itself, the brief was for something small and economical, 1 - 2 beds with a covered deck area. Preference was for a steel frame structure designed to withstand all weather conditions and meet Cat 5 cyclone certification.
We based the kit on the TRENZ South Pacific SPECO 248G. A compact 48m2, 2 bed, 1 bath design which can be built on a flat concrete slab or raised foundation.

momi bay design conceptTRENZ Speco 248 concept
The client then added elevated, extended decking and stairs and here is the final design and interior layout
momi bay final design
momi bay floor design
Momi Bay final concept
Momi Bay floor layout
Now we're all happy with the design of the house we're working through the build process starting with certified working drawings in order to obtain a build permit and have an estimated time frame and build cost to ensure we keep within budget and meet expectations around delivery and completion of this very cute beach house

This is just one example of how we work with our clients to ensure they get the house they want, that suits the environment they’re building in as well as their needs and fits within their budget and timeframe.


All of our kit homes are engineered up to Cat 5 cyclone certification and come with a full set of working drawings to satisfy your local council requirements.

We can organise geotechnical surveys for just about anywhere in Fiji as well as a host of other consultation services to get your new kit home project off the ground – literally!

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