Taveuni Kit Home Update

Well, the excitement of our first kit home arrival for Taveuni was short lived!

Gareth and the construction crew from Savusavu were on the island for less than a week when all ferry services within Fiji were ordered to cancel passenger services till further notice. This of course is absolutely necessary as we live through unprecedented times and whilst disappointed they had no hesitation in coming home as quickly as possible.

None of us know how long this will last for but we know that one day it will end and we will all be safe again, and when the government says it is possible to do so, the team will go back to build this house and we will be able to share the story with you.

Our kit home company partners are in complete lockdown which means their factory isn't operational, but the professionals who work on the designs and estimate the costs are all working from home and free to answers questions and crunch numbers. We know this is an extremely difficult time for everyone and some people are struggling to see beyond today, while for others this is a time to plan for the future and look ahead to something positive that will brighten the horizon. With that in mind we're simply adhering with how our clients feel right now and working with them in the most appropriate manner.

Feel free to approach us about any of our kit home options and make the most of our extra time.

Take care, look after each other, adhere to the rules and be like Pooh Bear, he's very wise!.

stay home- be safe
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PPS – your problem is our solution.

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