Our Kit Home Project in Taveuni is Back on!

With inter-island travel back on the menu the PPS team has returned to Taveuni to re-start this new kit home project for our New Zealand client!

Here's a quick re cap on what happened: We have been working on a bespoke design for quite a while with our client who invested in a piece of land on Taveuni Estates. As outlined in our last newsletter we were delighted when the kit finally arrived in Suva, cleared customs and was delivered to site. Unfortunately, the team had only been on site for 5 days when they forced back home due to Covid 19 confirmed cases in Fiji which brought about stringent new rules around travel and work.

Whilst the delay has been frustrating for everyone it was an absolute necessity and a move no one disagreed with, plus it meant that everyone was safely with their families and loved ones when Cyclone Harold decided to visit our islands. Whilst the Northern Division (where we are all based ) didn't feel the wrath of the storm as much as those in the Western and Southern island groups there was still significant damage in some areas so it was good fortune to be home and ensure each others safety.

As most of you know, we recently received fantastic news that there are no new cases of Covid 19 reported and local travel restrictions have subsequently been lifted. We had the green light to go back.

pps construction crew
The construction crew back on site complete with safety wellington boots and matching masks!!

Due to the volcanic nature of the site we are using the Surefoot/Pacific Footing system which has been designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for this kit home. Allowances have been made for multi-unit foundations, elevated positioning and category 5 cyclone requirements.This system will save time and money as it eliminates the hard, labourious task of digging deep holes and concrete pouring which is the usual method for pole houses. It is a proven system and has been used for the the erection of Walesi towers all over Fiji in some of the most remote places, so we know it's a great option for this project.

See the link below for more information on how this system works.

With everyone back on site, enthusiasm levels high, and great weather (so far) we are looking forward to sharing the progress on this very special house with you.

I will be sending out regular progress reports through these emails and postings on our fb page, so stay tuned and come on this exciting journey with us.

You can view a selection of the kit homes that have already been built in New Zealand and here in Fiji on our new website gallery page.

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