Taveuni Kit Home Foundations are in!

Since returning to Taveuni to re start this kit home project after Covid-19 travel restrictions were lifted the crew have been busy working on site preparation and installing the Surefoot Footing foundation system

We decided to use this system due to the volcanic and rocky nature of the site. Also, this house design is made up of two separate units which means more foundations. The house being elevated on a sloping site also adds to the challenges.

Traditional concrete and timber post foundations would require heavy machinery to cut deep into the rock to ensure a foothold, and vast amounts of concrete poured for the 57 posts required. Sound like a lengthy and expensive exercise on an outer island? It is! The Surefoot system simplifies and quickens the process by using metal foot plates with short rods that are driven into the ground and set on an angle which gives the plates stability and strength to hold the steel posts that the house will be built on. Here's what it looks like:.

steel post pile cap
s600 steel pile cap
multiple steel block foundations

The top image shows the S250 pile cap which is laid into the ground that the steel post will sit on top of.

The bottom 2 images show the bigger S600 pile caps designed to take the heavier loads in the ground in exact position with the steel surepiles ready to be driven into the ground at specific angles.

In total 57 plates were installed in only 3 days!!!

Imagine how long it would take to dig 57 individual holes into hard rock ground and then mix and pour enough concrete to hold 57 timber posts.

Now the pile caps are all in place the steel posts can be bolted onto the caps and cross bracing installed. We will have the complete foundation system installed in 10 working days.

Suitable for all sites including sandy and flat sites. Can even be used in a marine environment.
Can be used in conjunction with timber poles or steel posts - your choice
Engineer approved in Fiji

PPS have estimated that using a traditional concrete foundation system for this project would have taken around 5 weeks to complete with some very tired boys at the end of it.

The crew are happy to be learning new skills and using building technologies only recently introduced and approved for Fiji.

PPS is constantly looking for easier ways to build houses in Fiji by using reliable and renewable building materials and future technologies. We partner with professional companies that are trusted and experienced in their field of expertise for kit home design and construction.

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