Our first newsletter of the year started by exclaiming how quickly we were almost into March, and yet here we are now in May and it’s astonishing just how fast time is moving. The year is simply steaming ahead and is a sign of just how busy things are getting for the team here at PPS.

Pacific Harbour House Build

Recently Fiji has been victim to some of the worst weather in years with torrential downpours that have seen many areas in Nadi and close to Pacific Harbour in flood. Add to that the threat of Cyclone Keni and it’s not been the ideal time to be building a house! However, the beauty of our Fraemohs kit homes is that the framing has already been cut to size and pre nailed, so with this house, we were able to get the wall framing erected in just 2 days, which enabled us to get the trusses in place and the roof cladding on in double quick time.

constructed timber framed build
roof trusses
roofing going on build
Pre nailed framing quick and easy
Trusses and perlins going on
Roofing in place
So by the time Keni blew through, our house was protected and our cyclone rated design stood it’s first test and came out “safe as houses”!
wall errected on new build
starting to look like a real house!

Those of you following us on facebook will have seen the progress and noted that this modern home is looking great, and with the exterior cladding about to go on it will certainly stand out from the crowd. All double glazed windows are in place along with the full-length sliding doors and a stylish front door with cathedral glass feature really makes a grand entrance.

Meanwhile, work has now also begun inside with electric cabling run to all power points and plumbing pipes installed in the 2 bathrooms and kitchen in preparation for the bath tub, showers, toilets, hand basins and, of course, the kitchen sink! We will continue to bring you photos and updates on our PPS fb page so do continue to follow us there or contact us anytime via email or phone for a quote on one of over 40 kit home designs.

Improving our service to you

As a new business we try very hard to meet our clients expectations and are always looking for ways to improve our service and communication to you. As the PPS brand becomes more widely known and people gain a better understanding of the benefits of kit homes here in Fiji our inquiry numbers are increasing.

“how much does a house cost ?”

cost of a build

As you might expect, the first question people ask us is

“how much does a house cost ?”
This is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is, because there are many variables to be taken into account and we don’t want to mislead people.

However, we are in the process of compiling a price range for our homes which will replace the current catalogue downloads on our website homepage. These prices will take into account considerations such as freight and construction rates.

So very soon you will have a much clearer idea on the overall cost to help you with your budget and planning.

Keep an eye on our website for these changes coming soon.

New concept designs on their way

We have also been listening to customer feedback regarding design options. The saying that “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” is never truer than in house design! Some people love our modern Timbermode look, whilst others prefer the Fijian style interlocking designs, and some just want a simple beach bure such as those from the Pacific Economy Collection.

Fraemohs Homes and PPS are working together on a new “Fiji Concept Home”

To add even more dynamics into the mix Fraemohs Homes and PPS are working together on a new “Fiji Concept Home” which will have many of the Fijian features that customers want mixed with the latest building technologies and products that will make the house stronger, dryer, quieter, cooler and safer.

studio design
bleached house interior

Fraemohs kit home interior using whitewash finish that can be incorporated into existing and new designs

Watch this space for the first release of concept drawings.

Import Duty Concessions and tax rebates.

There’s never been a better time to consider a PPS Kit Home!
cost of a build

There is still some confusion out there about the import duty rate on kit homes being imported into Fiji.

PPS can categorically state that the import duty concession of only 3% on all kit homes is currently in place for private residential purposes so new kit home purchasers will enjoy this benefit.

Normal fiscal duty rate is 32% so this is a massive saving and makes now a great time to consider one of our homes.

The Fiji Government is also offering other incentives for Fijian citizens building their first home.
Did you know that tax rebates are now available on completion of the home build if it is your first home? Check out FRCS’s website to find out how. www.frcs.org.fj

With these Government incentives, the cyclone season over and the dry season almost upon us there’s never been a better time to build your new dream home and with PPS by your side we will guide you through the process and help turn the dream into a reality.

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Email: office@ppsfiji.com
Website: www.ppsfiji.com
Website: www.kitsethomesfiji.com

PPS – your problem is our solution.

pps team heads