Your problems are our solutions.

The team at PPS is here to listen to your needs and realise your dreams. We are the first step towards your new home in Fiji.


Gareth Williams BCon(QS), MNZIQS
Technical Consulting and Services Development

Originally from New Zealand Gareth Williams has over 30 years experience as a consulting quantity surveyor. He has developed his skills in construction cost analysis and management through his involvement with a wide varierty of construction and civil projects throughout New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. Gareth has worked for large construction companies, property developers and consulting firms. Over this time, he has managed the introduction of new construction technologies on projects that lead to increased productivity, reduced material waste and construction cost.

Gareth firmly believes in challenging traditional construction by rethinking design and planning procedures. Its about managing and improving the construction process to profitably deliver what the client needs. He will work closely with his clients from concept to completion to ensure projects meet the specified quality standands, are on time, and within budget.


Julie Bebb
Customer Liaison and Marketing

Julie was born in England and moved to New Zealand with Gareth in 1993 after they met while travelling in Europe. She worked in the hospitality and hotel management for a number of years before returning to sales and marketing roles with predominant media companies. Julie has always enjoyed working in this type of environment where she can manage a portfolio of clients and help them achieve results based on their individual needs and expectations. She has worked as an independent contractor in both New Zealand and South East Asia.

Julie believes the key to successful outcomes is clear communication and delivering on expectations. She is extremely loyal to her customers and is always willing to go the extra mile and always with a smile!

Support Team

Bella and Pippa

Bella and Pippa make up the rest of the team at PPS!

Bella (or Big Belle as we call her) is head of security. We found her abandoned on the beach when she was only about 2 weeks old and small enough to sit in your hand. With the help of Animals Fiji we were able to nurse Bella to full health and strength and now weighing in at over 23 kg’s it’s hard to believe that she almost didn’t make it. As head of security she will make sure that all your personal information is kept safe as well as keep the Directors on their toes.

Pippa (The Pippanator) is another rescue dog but she was almost 6 months old when we adopted her. She had spent those early months living under a shack with 6 brothers barely surviving on scraps and the kindness of strangers. On the day we went to look at these 7 pups Pippa was the only one who turned up for the interview so, naturally, got the job. And that job is to basically eat lots and act cute, which she excels at.