Buying Land in Fiji –What You Need to Consider

There are those who whilst on holiday have spotted the ideal piece of land for sale, or been told of a bargain in their favourite vacation spot. They’ve made the investment, engaged the services of a good architect and construction team and a year later are lazing by their pool, drinking cocktails and living the dream.

Then there are those who have been swept away by the idea of all this and have invested without a lot of thought or planning and ended up with a piece of land that is not worth the money paid, or too difficult (expensive) to build on.

If any of the above rings true then read on to discover; The Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Buying Land In Fiji

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Good freehold land investment opportunities can still be found in Fiji.

Much of the freehold land available in Fiji can be found on the second largest island, Vanua Levu and around the pretty harbour town of Savusavu where PPS is based. There are also very good investment opportunities on the third largest island, Tavenui, renowned for its beautiful flora and fauna and stunning views. Both places have much to offer those looking for a place to get away from the “real world” for a few months or even years.

Fortunately, when it comes to buying land in Fiji there is a number of reputable fully licensed real estate agents to guide you through the process, and ensure that the title is passed over on completion of the sale. But how do you know that what you’re buying is going to meet your individual, needs, and what exactly are you getting yourself into when it comes to the actual build?

The team at PPS has years of construction expertise and have travelled extensively and seen many successes and failures when it comes to investing in land and building your own house in a foreign country. So here are a few things to consider:

“Do I want absolute beachfront or an elevated site in the rainforest?”

Beachfront property is very popular, after all, what could be nicer than falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and waking up to the sway of the palm trees? Well, on a calm day nothing, it truly is perfection. However, Fiji does not have perfect weather all year round. We get more than our fair share of rainfall and very strong winds. Much of the prime coastal land is prone

to flooding, therefore, consideration must be given to specific engineered design (SED), for example, an elevated foundation system. We were in our beachside home when cyclone Winston came through and the fact that our property is built on poles over 10 feet high saved us from being completely washed away along with our dogs and belongings!

Elevated sites give you that million-dollar view! Sitting atop a ridgeline or nestled into the hillside offers that great panoramic span that goes for miles. Sunrises or sunsets are extra special when shared with friends from the deck of your beautiful home. However, weather conditions once again have to be considered.

Do you want to be perched on an exposed hillside when a cyclone comes through? Your house will need to be engineered to withstand these extreme wind forces. Also, your site may require major earthworks for a building platform and vehicle access. This is all added cost that you will need to bear in mind before making your investment.

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“How do I know I’m getting a good deal?”

  • Don’t be rushed into buying something just because it’s cheap, or the “last one of its kind”.
  • Take your time and look at as many locations as you can before making your final decision.
  • Check that the site you’re buying is big or small enough to accommodate your needs.
  • Do your due diligence and get advice from a construction professional before committing to the sale

“Who should I trust?”

The good news is that Fiji has a body of professional people who can help and guide you through the process offering sound advice based on your needs. Buy through a registered

real estate agent who will ensure a smooth transfer of title. Ask for advice from a lawyer or professional entity about the legality of the sale and ask them to do a title search.

Talk to friends who might be living in Fiji already, or research the internet for local reviews and opinions. Talk to the team at PPS who already live here and have witnessed the good, bad and ugly of building in Fiji.

Most of all trust yourself. If it feels right and you go into it with your eyes open you will realise your dream and have enough left in the budget for that cocktail cabinet by the pool!


Visit the site on a number of occasions at different times of the day and more than once before committing. What looks good on a perfect, sunny day, or in a photograph on the internet isn’t quite so appealing when the winds are howling and the rain is lashing down!
Consider the cost of building on that particular site. If you need to elevate or excavate that is added cost.
Get a Geotechnical survey done before you start to build. After all, a house is only as strong as what the foundations stand on.
Consider where the land is. Remoteness and seclusion is lovely, but a real challenge when it comes to building. Pushing roads through and connecting services is all cost that will be borne by you.
Ensure there is a fresh water supply available. The dry season can be a long one if you’re relying on catchment only.

The team at PPS has an excellent network of professionals who can assist you in the early stages of your planning and build and will offer an unbiased opinion before you commit to anything.

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