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The team at Pacific Property Solutions was very pleased to host John Smith, Director and Phil Evans, Fiji Channel Partner from TRENZ Homes New Zealand on their recent whirlwind tour of Savusavu.

TRENZ kit homes was established in New Zealand in 2005 and more recently expanded into the Fiji kit homes market with their new Pacific Homes design packages.

While it’s easy to loose time in Savusavu (and most people who come here for a holiday do just that!) our time was precious and there were many people keen to meet with us to find out more about how kit homes can be an ideal solution when looking to build in Fiji.

We met with the directors of construction companies we’ve identified as being capable of building the TRENZ kit homes. They will receive assistance and training from us during the first few builds to ensure due process and care is taken resulting in a top quality finish.
We also met with property developers keen to get some temporary structures in place, along with some commercial units. A reminder of just how flexible these kit designs are. The container homes are a big plus for such developments too as they are affordable, flexible, moveable and livable – what more could you want? Freehold land owners also welcomed us, and we are now in the process of offering design options for a multi-unit dwelling ideal as a small resort development or family holiday share complex. The options are as endless as your imagination!

The big point of discussion during the visit is a new building product that TRENZ is introducing for their kit home designs. It is already proven overseas and replaces framing altogether, and is a great alternative to block work offering a smoother finish, quicker build and is so flexible it can even be used to create round buildings as well as rectangular. This revolutionary product has been used to build multi story hotels as well as smaller dwellings and is now available through PPS as an option for your kit home design.

Despite all the talking, promotion and making of new businesses associates and friendships there was still time for a little R and R. Morning coffee at Cousteau’s Resort went down a treat and lunch in a garden setting overlooking the ocean kept us going till the end of our final day.

visit from TRENZ

If you are thinking of buying freehold land in Fiji, or have land that needs to be developed as a result of the Land Sales Amendment Act 2014, or if you just want some inspiration for your next construction project talk to PPS first. We have the knowledge, the partnerships and the low down on all the new products to revolutionise how we build in Fiji.

Vinaka from the teams at PPS and TRENZ kit homes, Fiji.

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